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SVTU Hosts our First Casting Clinic

On October 22, SVTU hosted a casting clinic and cookout at the IWLA Rockville lake. SVTU arranged to have four FFF-certified casting instructors available to work the approximately 25 attendees.

Instructors worked one-on-one with each attendee to diagnose and correct casting problems and, because of this attention, casting was much improved. The instructors also taugt different types of casts for different casting situations. The Chapter provided burgers that were grilled and and consumed with all the trimmings. The beer was cold, the burgers tasty, the apples were wonderful, and the instruction was excellent. The Chapter raised a few hundred dollars with the bucket raffles. It was a beautiful, educational and fun day.

One-on-one instruction with a certified FFF instructor, if arranged privately, would cost a hundred dollars or more. We plan on conducing another casting clinic in 2018. Keep your eye on our website and come and join us!

Beaver Creek Work Day

On October 21, 2017, Seneca Valley TU & Antietam Fly Anglers planted screening plants for the future parking lot on Beaver Creek in the new Charles Jackson Fish Management Area. The volunteers made sure tree protection was in place, and did general maintenance (cleaning up invasive plants) in past planting areas. Even though the weather was very warm for October, everyone had a fun day!

Planting trees

Planting trees

Tired volunteers

Tired and hot volunteers

Fourth Annual Fly Fishing 101

On April 29, 2017 we held our fourth annual FF 101 event in partnership with the Rockville Chapter of IWLA. This year, about two dozen students participated.

The students went through a half-day class that included sessions on entomology and flies, rigging and knots, stream and lake techniques, and casting instruction with our two certified FFF fly casting instructors.

The session started with lunch of grilled burgers with all the fixings. All had a great time, both the instructors and students. SVTU has sponsored this event for the past several years to help introduce the sport of fly fishing to those that have interest but do not know where, or how, to start.

It is an intensive half-day session that covers the basics across a range of various subjects to successfully fish on your own. It will not make you an expert, but it will get you started. Look for our course next spring for you, your partner, or your kids or grandkids. I guarantee you will learn a lot and have a fun time as well!

Casting on the lake

Students casting on the lake

Tying knots

Learning about knots

Stream techniques

James Harris, owner of Beaver Creek Fly Shop demonstrates stream techniques

Instruction on rigging

Learning about what Rigging means

Learning about the term rigging

More instruction about Rigging

Fishing Little Beaver Creek

On June 25, 2016, SVTU had exclusive access to a section of Little Beaver Creek where SVTU participated in a steam restoration project. It was fun to fish in the area where members planted trees, shrubs, and bank-side willows in November of 2015. It appears that most of the trees and shrubs were making it. Many of the live willow stakes have also sprouted and starting to take root.

As to the fishing, we all caught fish and everyone landed one 12-inches or better. We landed about an equal number of browns and rainbows, but most of the fish were actually caught in Beaver Creek, just at the confluence with Little Beaver Creek. Little Beaver was low and clear and the fish had moved to the deeper water of Beaver Creek.

If you missed this event, come to the monthly Chapter meetings as we plan future fishing outings.

Our third “Fly Fishing 101” afternoon was a success!

On April 23, 2016, SVTU partnered with the Rockville Chapter of Isaak Walton League to offer our third “Learn to Fly Fish” afternoon (or as we call it Fly Fishing 101) at the Rockville Chapter Lake. It was a day of pure enjoyment for all.

Ten instructors guided 29 students through a series of “classes” that covered basic elements of fly fishing, such as: casting, rigging, knots, macroinvertebrate entomology, flies, stream fishing techniques, and lake fishing techniques. The instructors were members or friends of Seneca Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, augmented with additional FFF casting instructors.

To ensure everyone had enough energy for the day’s tasks, the session started with registration and a nice lunch of grilled burgers, chips, salads and desserts. After lunch, the students were divided into two groups and each group rotated through each “class” in the curriculum. The instruction was professional quality—normally costing hundreds of dollars for such a class—but SVTU believes that such classes are essential to develop interest in fly fishing and passing on the importance of ecological conservation, so they offer the class for free. Anyone that is interested in learning about fly fishing should consider joining the Seneca Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Check the Seneca Valley TU website for more information.


The afternoon started with lunch

Casting instruction

Casting instruction starts on the grass

Casting on the pond

After the grass, the casting instruction moves to the lake

Instruciton on rigging

Intruction on rigging for dry flies, nymphs and streamers is taught using posters and demonstration

How to tie knots

A hands-on demo on how to tie several different knots

Stream techniques

The stream technique instruction focuses on fly presentation and line management.

Instruciton on fishing on a pond or lake

Lake techniques include a discussion about the use of a kayak in fly fishing.

Learning about entomology

Macroinvertebrate entomology uses “bugs” from a nearby stream and is linked to a display of the flies that mimic the developmental and adult insect stages.

SVTU‘s second Fly Fishing 101 event

The annual Lean to fly fish class was presented by Seneca Valley TU with the cooperation of the Isaak Walton League (IWLA), Rockville on October 4, 2015. We had 25 register for the event that featured a complete introduction to fly fishing.

The event began with a great lunch (burgers hot off the grill) and then the students divided up into three groups to work their way through the “stations” over the next four hours. Each fly fishing station was designed to provide instruction in needed techniques in the “art” of fly fishing.

Each student rotated through the five stations: Casting in the grass, casting on the lake, stream fishing techniques, entomology including a look at a broad assortment of flies tied to imitate the natural bugs, and rigging and knots. There was even time to tie on a fly and try for the sunfish in the lake at the end of the day. The casting was instructed by FFF-certified casting instructors.

At the entomology station a nationally known entomologist used insects taken from and returned to Seneca Creek to give students a real look at the invertebrate world. Instructors at other stations were experienced fly fisherman to give students the benefit of their years of experience. Reviews by the students were positive and all (instructors and students) felt it was a good day. Come and join us next year!

Casting instruction

One of the Certified FFF casting instructors providing insight on the casting motion

Casting instruction

Group instruction on the fly casting motion

Learning about stream insects

Looking at macroinvertebrates

A big hellgrammite

A great conversation starter from the sampling, a hellgrammite

Learning about "rigging"

Learning about knots and rigging

Practicing his cast

Practice casting on the lake after the class

Project Healing Waters Fishing Day on Beaver Creek

On September 20, SVTU was a co-sponsor of the fall Project Healing Waters trip to Beaver Creek. SVTU members assisted veterans with fishing and helped set up the BBQ lunch that followed.

SVTU’s first “Fly Fishing 101” event

On October 25, 2014, SVTU partnered with Isaak Walton League of Rockville in hosting our first half-day “learn to fly fish” event with casting, stream and lake fishing techniques, knots, rigging, entomology, and the different types of flies.

It was a great day with about 25 students. The reports from the students was positive. Tom Perazella, one of the students posted the following on the IWLA e-mail list serve.

“I just got back from a great event at our lake. In conjunction with TU and other groups we had an introduction to all aspects of fly fishing conducted by a great bunch of folks. The best part was the complete approach that was used including basic knots you need for different situations, the different indicator flags used to tell you when you get a strike, different treatments for wet and dry flies, the etymology of the food chain with live specimens, a large display of the different flies with explanations of each, and of course casting.

About two years ago, Marie got me a fly rod and reel and like many others I proceeded to frustrate myself trying to get a cast over 5 feet. Books and videos were of no help. After about 5 minutes of hands-on instruction by one of the very capable and patient certified instructors I was getting casts in the 35 to 40 foot range. Unbelievable and very satisfying. A giant round of thanks to all those who made this a fantastic experience for me.”

November 8: Beaver Creek stream cleanup

Mulching old limbs and brush from Beaver Creek

SVTU sponsored a workday on Beaver Creek. Eight chapter members spent several hours on trash pickup, building cages to prevent beaver damage and tree maintenance.

Project Healing Waters Fishing Day on Beaver Creek

Members from the SVTU chapter were the "guides" for a day with PHW participants on a hot summer day in 2013. Click here to read the post.


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